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A local Artist workshop displaying handmade decorated gourds, Yoruba talking drums, Leather memorabilia, Traditional Dance Troupes' horsetails etc.


Members of Okonfo's International African Drumming and Dance Troupe.

Okonfo Rao Kawawa, -renowned artist, performer and traditionalist of international repute.
Listen to a typical Okonfo's genre of music
Learn more about Okonfo's Music, Art and Dance Troupe. Visit his website at :

The Heritage, My Life and Art                   Shrine of the God of Iron, Jimoh Buraimoh
   A Book by Jimoh Buraimoh                                         Oil and Beads on Board
The Heritage:
Chief Jimoh Adetunji Buraimoh is Africa's first bead painter, a mosaicist and one of the leading lights of the Osogbo School of Art, which ignited the African Art Explosion' in the early sixties. This book is an autobiographical account of his life and art, illuminating his three decades of involvement in visual arts. His journey covers childhood, his time as a stage manager at the famous Duro Ladipo Theater, and his emergence as a leading international artist. The book is enhanced with color photos of his vibrantly colored bead paintings, mosaic murals, etchings and other media. Jimoh Buraimoh 119pp. 2000 Spectrum Books
Oil and Beads on Board
Above right, on exhibition, is one of the many works of Chief Jimoh Buraimoh, a highly influential artist from Osogbo, Nigeria. Jimoh Buraimoh's works developed out of the famed "Osogbo School" and He is important as the first artist to begin to use beads to compose the vibrant color blocks of his work.
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The Osun virgin maid (Arugba Osun)

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